Sandy Shreve
Paintings, Photo Art, Poetry

Some Poems


Photo-poem videos:

Autumn Pantoum” from Suddenly, So Much on YouTube.

Crows” from Suddenly, So Much on YouTube.

“Essence” from Suddenly, So Much on YouTube.

7 haiku from “Cedar Cottage Suite” from Cedar Cottage Suite on YouTube.

“Heron in Sunlight” from Cedar Cottage Suiteon YouTube.


Audio poems:

“Appalachian Spring”, “Walls”, “Essence” from Suddenly, So Much at AuthorsAloud


Poems on the page:

“Love Song of the Varied Thrush” (scroll to end of blog post)

“Carnival Yard”

“Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail” (from “Tai Chi Variations”, with Q & A)

“Tai Chi Variations”

“Between Sisters”

“Snow Sestina”

"For the Love of these Oranges (Mary Pratt)"

various early poems (along with other information) at Canadian Poetry Online


all poems are © Sandy Shreve